Weekly outline

  • General

  • 23 February - 1 March

    Week 1 - Introductions To Course and Writers

    • Assess ability through teacher observation and practice
    • Embedded learning of attention to detail
    • Sentence writing focused on: subject, verb object practice 
    • Students will be given an image to brainstorm and generate words that will be used to create correct sentences
    • Grammar at sentence level
    • Punctuation focus
    • Introduction to the essential words for their years

  • Wednesday March 2nd 5pm - 6.30pm

    Week 2 - The 'Great' Sentence Starters

    • Review from week 1 with quick new sentence writing 
    • Introduction to a good starter sentence
    • Examining best sentences starters from famous books. From Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie "All children, except one, grow up."
    • Students use images to group brainstorm ideas
    • These ideas will be used to work on great first sentences - teaching the importance of detail, focus, and intrigue
    • Embedded grammar and essential word list vocabulary
    • Homework, optional, choose a favourite sentence starter from a book you read that week. 

    • 9 March - 15 March

      Week 3 - Finding Your Middle

      • Review of week 2 - looking at any great sentences the students found
      • In pairs using a sentence starter to write a bit more 
      • Using essential vocabluary to build sentences
      • Checking grammar
      • Brainstorming ideas with images
      • Writing a bit of a story
      • Homework, optional, use the word middle to write a wee story i.e. My big brother is tall and very grumpy. I have to talk to him carefully or he goes... Don't think I'm going to tell you right now because it's so scary. Do you think you are ready? Let's see if I can get the words right, he goes.... snap, crackle pop! Like, I wish. Essentially, he shouts"Go away! Don't talk to me I'm busy." and I go away until the next time I feel brave.

      • 16 March - 22 March

        Week 4 - Finding Your End

        • Review of week 3 including homework

        • 23 March - 29 March

          Week 5 - Pulling It All Together

          • Review of week 4 
          • Creating a wee story with beginning, middle and end